Women and hope: bringing electricity to the village

Paul McShane Education & Training, Enterprise Development

A group of eight Indonesian women spent six months in India learning how to assemble and install solar-powered electricity in their village. Our current community development work in Indonesia involves working with the Wadah Foundation (women and hope), among others, to improve livelihoods in remote Indonesia. We visited a village in Flores where the women had provided solar-powered electricity (tenaga surya) to more than 50 households. This has improved productivity (women can work and children can read at night, men don’t have to travel as much for fuel). Reliable electricity is pivotal to prosperity. Electricity can be used to produce ice to maintain safe and high quality seafood (a source of income and livelihoods for villagers). Better returns from improved quality provides higher incomes and improved employment prospects for villagers. Our visit to Eastern Indonesia was supported by the Australian Government’s Australia Awards Fellowship.

Solar engineers: passing on knowledge from mother to daughter

With Barefoot Solar Engineer in Flores