Excellence in Seafood Supply Chain Management: BOMAR Indonesia

Paul McShane Enterprise Development, Seafood Product Development

BOMAR (Pt Bogatama Marinusa) is an integrated aquaculture operation based in Makassar Indonesia. BOMAR produces a range of shrimp products from a network of community-based aquaculture farms across South Sulawesi. Some farms are traditional ponds (no mechanisation, no added food), others are intensive (high density, energy intensive) operations. Collectively, shrimp are processed in BOMAR’s Makassar facility supplying a premium product to the Japanese consumer market. Features of BOMAR’s operation include: community engagement (local farmers are trained in farm management and product quality to a high standard) freshness (shrimp are sustainably harvested and immediately chilled to maintain premium quality), size (BOMAR produce large black tiger prawns differentiated from the mass aquaculture operations that generally produce smaller size shrimp), food safety (HACCP certified, GAP), taste (delicious, consistent, attractive), and convenience (easily prepared from the frozen product to produce outstanding shrimp within 3 mins of cooking). BOMAR shrimp are now number one in their category in Japan with exports of more than 1 million pieces each month and growing. Importantly, BOMAR employs more than 1300 people in its Makassar plant and supports the livelihoods of many more people through its network of farms in South Sulawesi. Our visit to Makassar follows a successful short course conducted under the Australian Government’s Australia Awards Indonesia (AAI) “Seafood Product Development Indonesia” program. The program included visits to Australia by 25 seafood entrepreneurs from Indonesia. As part of their course, Monash University’s Food Innovation Centre hosted an integrated workshop promoting innovation and excellence in supply chain management. This has been influential in driving successful enterprises such as BOMAR and positioning Indonesian seafood in premium global markets.