SMART Fish Indonesia: Developing Research Skills for Sustainable Prosperity

Paul McShane Education & Training, Enterprise Development, Fisheries Management, Seafood Product Development

SMART Fish Indonesia: Sustainable market access through responsible trading of fish in Indonesia. This is an initiative sponsored by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO). Indonesia has a need to improve research capacity and skills responsive to sustainable, productive and prosperous development of its vast seafood resources. We are working with the University of Tasmania, Jakarta Fisheries University (STP), and the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF)
(Government of Indonesia) to address this need. Staff from STP and representatives of MMAF are working with us in a series of workshops in Jakarta. The first workshop was completed in May 2017 and identified research priorities and cost effective and practical approaches to undertake necessary research. Major priorities identified include: the elimination of destructive fishing practices, improved supply chain management, improved systems for sustainable aquaculture, community development initiatives, and enterprise development (particularly in regional Indonesia). Future workshops will address the formal research process: how to collect, analyse and present information in a peer-reviewed publication.  Updates from these workshops will be made available here.