Enterprise development Indonesia

Paul McShane Education & Training, Enterprise Development

Thirteen young entrepreneurs returned home to Indonesia after successfully completing a six-week interactive program in Melbourne. Supported by the Australian Government’s Australia Awards Fellowship, the program was designed to overcome barriers to developing Indonesia’s Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) sector. The entrepreneurs engaged with the Monash Business School (Monash University) and various start-up programs.  Engagement with Launch Victoria, the City of Melbourne’s business incubator program, and Monash’s Generator program brought relevant perspectives to start-up opportunities.  Formal business development training was interspersed with community engagement workshops.  The role of women and the influence of society and culture is important in  enterprise development in Indonesia.  Opportunities for ongoing collaboration between businesses in Indonesia and Australia were nurtured during the visit building on an existing strong foundation.  All of the participants in the Fellowship own their own enterprises and are looking for the next step to build viable SMEs.  Emphases included communication, productivity, technology and food.  Communication technology is particularly relevant: Indonesia is among the most connected nations world wide.  Millennials will drive Indonesia’s booming economy harnessing innovation and immense human and natural resources.