SMART Fish Indonesia: Final Workshop

Paul McShane Education & Training, Fisheries Management, Seafood Product Development

Indonesia is under performing in research and development (as measured by the number and citations of research papers produced). Working with Sekolah tinggi perikanan (STP: Jakarta Fisheries University) we have delivered a program for preparation and publication of peer-reviewed journal articles. We focused on STP’s core areas of Fisheries Management, Fish Processing, Fishing Technology, Aquaculture, and Engineering. Participants in our workshop collected and analysed data and presented key findings formatted to peer-reviewed journals. This is part of a UNIDO-funded SMART Fish program (Sustainable marketing and responsible trading of fish Indonesia). Key elements are Productivity, Innovation, and Sustainability. Our final workshop addressed these themes and produced at least six draft manuscripts ready for submission to peer-reviewed journals. This will go some way to building a research and development culture in STP. Furthermore, linked to the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) policy objectives, our program will help deliver sustainable development outcomes for Indonesia’s fisheries and aquaculture sectors.

Photo. Pak Bimo AMSAT