Globally acknowledged Fisheries thought leader joins GMRM

Paul McShane Fisheries Management

Roger Edwards, an economist and globally-acknowledged thought leader in fisheries management has joined Global Marine Resource Management as an Associate. He has run his economics, business and marketing consultancy for more than 20 years working in fisheries management reform in South Australia but also in other jurisdictions (e.g. Western Australia, Australian Commonwealth and New Zealand). Roger initiated the first economic indicator surveys and analysis in South Australia, which has resulted a 20-year time series in all fisheries, one of the most comprehensive socio-economic data in Australia.
He also led the South Australian industry initiative to establish legislated secure fishing entitlements, which established explicit commercial and recreational resource shares, resource sharing and compensation when shares are adjusted, in both commercial fisheries and marine parks. And in 2012 he developed a Fishery Gross Margin methodology as a proxy for MEY when setting TACC’s in the South Australian Clam fishery. The approach has resulted in higher industry profits and a record stock abundance under quota settings lower than maximum sustainable yields.
With Paul McShane he co-developed the Clean Green Rock Lobster scheme: a world first seafood supply chain management standard. The Clean Green program integrates environmental management, resource sustainability, food safety and quality, work place safety, and animal welfare.
With a Masters degree in agricultural science Roger brings fisheries economics, extension, strategic planning, industry and business development to Global Marine Resource Management. He is also involved in global seafood supply chains extending an innovative approach to development of niche seafood products.