Aquaculture Benchmarking Indonesia

Paul McShane Aquaculture, Education & Training, Seafood Product Development

A new program on Aquaculture Benchmarking for Indonesia has commenced with support from the Australia Awards Indonesia scheme. Funded by the Australian government, this program aims to extend best practice in Aquaculture (research, technology, innovation, seafood value chain management, governance) from Australia to Indonesia. A pre-course workshop for 27 participants was recently held in Bandung (April 2018), Indonesia. Participants came from a variety of backgrounds including government (the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries and the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs), various Indonesian Universities, and the private sector. The program draws on the capability and capacity of James Cook University, the world’s leading provider of research and education for tropical aquaculture and fisheries. It will also involve some of Australia’s Aquaculture Industry leaders. Collectively the program will promote Australia’s world leading aqua-feed development, aquaculture systems, seafood value chain management, aquatic animal health, and other innovations responsive to Indonesia’s needs.
Indonesia has the potential to be the world’s leading provider of seafood. It has abundant natural and human resources. However, impediments to prosperity include technical capacity and cost effective seafood supply chain management. Although Australia is a low producer of aquaculture product, it provides very high value product. This contrasts with Indonesia which produces very high volumes of product (particularly seaweed, fish and shrimp) but relatively low value. Bench marking Australia’s approach to value adding for seafood will assist Indonesia as it seeks to implement its policy of increasing GDP from improved (and sustainable) seafood production. The participants will come to Australia for a two week intensive program (April May 2018).