Successful Completion “Aquaculture Bench marking” Indonesia

Paul McShane Aquaculture, Education & Training, Seafood Product Development

A short course bench marking best practice for Indonesia’s rapidly growing aquaculture sector concluded in Bali with a three-day workshop in September 2018 . The 27 participants represented government (including the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs), the knowledge sector and the private sector.  Participants presented the results of their individual projects including lessons learned from bench marking examples. Drawing on an intensive program in Australia where innovation in aquatic animal health, aquafeed, selective breeding, aquaculture systems, and seafood supply chain management was demonstrated, the participants extended this to meeting current challenges in Indonesia.  Complementing relevant industry visits in tropical North Queensland, the aquaculture bench marking program drew on the world-leading capability in tropical aquaculture of James Cook University (JCU).  Enduring collaboration with JCU and aquaculture practitioners and managers will be a key driver of aquaculture development in Indonesia.  Aquaculture provides a much needed source of food security and economic prosperity particularly in eastern Indonesia where opportunities for seaweed and fin fish culture abound.  More generally, Indonesia has the human and natural resources to be the world’s leading provider of sustainable aquaculture product.  Support provided by the Australian government through its Australia Awards Indonesia program is gratefully acknowledged.