About Global Marine Resource Management

Global Marine Resource Management extends the services of Professor Paul McShane, his associates and his global networks for ecologically sustainable development of marine and coastal resources.

Global Marine Resource Management is active in Australia and in South East Asia (particularly Indonesia) but operates worldwide to assist Government, the private sector, and NGOs with management advice responsive to sustainable development of aquatic living resources.

Professor McShane brings more than 30 years’ international experience as a marine biologist, research manager, educator/trainer, and interdisciplinary project manager to Global Marine Resource Management.

Our work focuses on training, education, research, management, and community development applicable to fisheries and aquaculture. We are particularly interested in improving the link between information and policy through practical and accessible knowledge management.

Our projects are often community-based and draw on an interdisciplinary approach including consideration of society, culture, politics and geography. In linking technical (e.g. fisheries stock assessment, ecological evaluation, food safety, seafood supply chain management) to community (e.g. governance, behaviour, traditional wisdom, gender), we offer practical and cost effective solutions for sustainable development of marine and coastal resources.

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Professor Paul McShane: BSc (hons), MSc, MBA, PhD, GAICD

Professor Paul McShane: BSc (hons), MSc, MBA, PhD, GAICD

Professor Paul McShane: BSc (hons), MSc, MBA, PhD, GAICD.

Paul is a marine biologist with a successful track record in research, research management, interdisciplinary project management, training and education. With postgraduate qualifications in science and business Paul has held senior research and research management positions in Australia and in New Zealand.

Further to this, he works extensively in Southeast Asia providing advice to governments, Universities, and communities on sustainable development of marine resources. Before forming Global Marine Resource Management Pty Ltd in 2006, Paul was Director of the Australian Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC), Director of Australian Marine Science and Technology Ltd (AMSAT), Vice President (International and Development) and Professor of Marine Science at the Australian Maritime College, research manager SARDI Aquatic Sciences and program leader at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (New Zealand).

More recently, Paul was Chief Research Officer with the Monash Sustainability Institute (MSI). At MSI, Paul was responsible for extending the collective research capability of Monash University across all of its Faculties towards sustainable development outcomes mainly in South and South East Asia.

He is now an adjunct professorial research fellow with James Cook University (JCU). At JCU, Paul is working with the College of Science and Engineering to extend capacity for sustainable development of aquaculture and fisheries to Indonesia and other countries in South East Asia.

Paul’s interdisciplinary project work focuses on the link between research and policy responsive to sustainable development given increasing demand for natural resources and climate change.

Paul has a particular interest in the sustainable development of aquatic living resources in South East Asia (especially Indonesia). His interdisciplinary project activity addresses sustainable fisheries management, seafood product development, integrated coastal zone management, community development, capacity building in Indonesia’s knowledge sector, and small to medium enterprise development. He works closely with Government Agencies, Universities, NGOs, and private sector organisations.

Sally McShane, Administrator Manager

Sally McShane, Administrator Manager

Sally McShane
Administration Manager

With a background in training, education, marketing and events management, Sally McShane brings extensive experience in project administration. Sally is responsible for general office administration including financial management and client liaison.

Sally also offers welfare support for international visitors engaged in training and education programs in Australia (e.g. Indonesian trainees).