Dr Ian Knuckey, Fishwell Consulting Pty Ltd

Dr Ian Knuckey, Fishwell Consulting Pty Ltd

Dr Ian Knuckey, Fishwell Consulting Pty Ltd

Dr Ian Knuckey has a PhD in fishery population dynamics and 30 years involvement as a fisheries scientist in Australia and the Pacific working across coastal and offshore fisheries for teleosts, sharks and crustaceans in both temperate and tropical waters.  His company – Fishwell Consulting – provides research, development and extension services to the fishing and seafood industry to encourage and promote sustainable fishing practices.  He is also director of Olfish–Australia, a company involved in the development and implementation of electronic logbook software capable of collecting, analysing, plotting, reporting and transmitting all vessel-related data.

Ian has been engaged with Global Marine Resource Management Pty Ltd to offer training and education services to Indonesia through Australia Awards Indonesia short courses (funded through the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  Under the leadership of Global Marine Resource Management Pty Ltd, Ian has participated and presented to two courses on Sustainable Fisheries Management and one on Seafood Product Development.  This has involved intensive training in Australia and workshops in Indonesia (Batam, Bali, Bandung).  Through this Indonesian engagement Ian offers his extensive knowledge and background in fisheries management and assessment together with seafood product development.

Ian is very experienced in the range of data collection and analysis techniques used for input into stock assessments.   He has had extensive experience in bycatch monitoring and analysis techniques and bycatch mitigation for trawl fisheries.  Ian is an expert in fisheries population dynamics and has been instrumental in establishing fisheries monitoring and observer programs around Australia.  He has also been the driving force behind the design and implementation of fishery independent surveys in a range of fisheries including, trawl, longline, mud crab, scallop, and sea cucumber and understands the scientific rigour required to provide sound advice on population structure and stock abundance.  Ian is particularly experienced in stock assessments and harvest strategies for data-poor fisheries. He has been involved with a number of projects on the development and review of harvest strategies and their application to commercial fisheries and is across the many issues associated with harvest strategies that include economic as well as biological targets and reference points to manage fisheries.

Current Positions:

  • Chairman of Australian Seafood Co-products.
  • Chair of Northern Prawn Fishery Resource Assessment Group;
  • Chair of Victorian Rock Lobster Assessment Group
  • Chair of Tropical Rock Lobster Assessment Group
  • Scientific member of Northern Prawn Fishery Management Advisory Committee;
  • Scientific member of Shark Assessment Group.